The latest episode of Skinny Girl In Transit season 5 is yet another lesson on contraception. If you haven’t seen this new episode, a SPOILER ALERT is in full effect. The sixth episode of the show started with Tiwa, Mide and Wosilat praying against the evil forces in their respective relationships.

Last episode of Skinny Girl In Transit season 5, Shalewa met Muhammed’s betrothed wife, Farida at his apartment after paying him a surprise visit. This episode, she completely avoided him before he finally explained how his family want to force him to marry Farida, a girl from his hometown.

'Skinny Girl In Transit' Season 5: Tiwa Misses Her Period In Episode 6 ZUMI

(Photo: YouTube/Ndani TV)

Things aren’t exactly good between Tiwa and Mide – the weight of Theresa’s possible child with Mide still hangs between the two lovebirds. Thankfully, he apologised for his actions and outburst towards the end. Unfortunately, Tiwa got a late period notification from her period app, which could spell even more drama for her.

On the wedding planning side, Mama Tiwa and Mama Mide are at loggerheads over the details of the wedding. Mama Mide wants a bougie wedding while Mama Tiwa wants a typical Yoruba wedding – with no invites and easy access for mogbo moyas.

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5: Tiwa Misses Her Period In Episode 6 ZUMI

(Photo: YouTube/Ndani TV)

Sidebar: Although the show finally picked up this episode, we’re still waiting for an angle that doesn’t have to do with men and relationships. At any rate, it’s impressive how this season throws Mide and Tiwa into complicated situations that some real-life couples face. Also, it would be nice if the writers make Mama Tiwa more layered and less of the stereotype of an unbearable Yoruba mother.

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