I am messed up right now and I need your advice.

I work in a company where I report directly to a lady. My woe started when I went to her office one day to pick up a file. As I entered her office, my phone rang so I decided to take the call. The call was a bit long so she decided to get the file for me from one of the file cabinets. 

As she bent for the bottom drawer her skirt tore terribly exposing her panties.  The phone almost dropped from my hand. I tried to hurry out of the office but she called me back to help her go across the street to stitch it. I was almost frozen. 

Ever since then she has been disturbing me to sleep with her.

She said she gave me the job because she love me. I just got married and don’t want to che at.

Yesterday, she called me and and dropped the bombshell ” if you don’t sleep with me I will fire you”. What do I do? I don’t want to lose that job. I am considering reporting her to my general manager but I am afraid of the consequence.

I need your Advice!!!