SMAN: Some Of You Posting Stingy Men Are Not Stingy, You Don’t Just Have Money

Popular Lagos socialite and big boy Pretty Mike has taken to his gram to slam the recent of the “Stingy Men Association SMAN”, saying most of the guys who have decided to jump on the trend are not stingy rather they’re just broke and looking for an excuse. Pretty mike

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The controversial fashion enthusiast Pretty Mike then went on to write that that such guys shouldn’t join the trend and allow the rich guys who are on the trend enjoy themselves as they’re on it just to catch cruise and vibes.

The Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria, as it is called is a group by young Nigerian men who have decided to be misers or say frugal at spending there hard-earned money to the opposite sex, the group even has a motto, “I’ll See What I Can Do”. Which is the reply they intend to give ladies who ask them for money with the end goal of not giving the ladies their money.

Read what he wrote below;

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Pretty Mike

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