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Smart Money Woman TV Series

Arese Ugwu, author of that amazing book, ‘The Smart Money Woman’ has announced on Instagram that the book will soon be hitting the big screen as a TV series!

Arese Ugwu announced that the series had been in the offing for about 8 months, and that First Bank was signing as a major sponsor of the series.

Smart Money Woman

(Photo: Instagram/Arese Ugwu)

8 months!!! Eight months of meetings, phone calls, back and forth with lawyers, tears, frustration.. I wanted to give up many times but this moment was everything!!! “

“My book The Smart Money Woman is officially being turned into a TV series and First Bank is the Lead sponsor…I’m super grateful to F.A.M, Abimbola and the First bank Team for believing in this project .

“Super excited to begin this journey, bringing my characters to life..I already know its going to be tough but I’m grateful to God for the small wins in between… My watch words for 2019 Execution and resilience!!! No matter how hard it gets…We Move…”

The “Smart Money Woman” is a financial book that discusses money issues relevant to today’s woman like spending, investing, debt, etc. It is possibly one of the most interesting financial books written in recent times. This is because unlike many financial books, ‘Smart Money Woman’ draws you in with it’s relatability, using storytelling to inexorably drive those financial lessons into your head.

Yes, yes, we’re all super stoked, and money lessons aside, we can’t wait to see if the on screen Tsola is as big of a hunk as we imagined him to be when reading the book.

smart money woman

(Photo: Smart Money Africa)

While you’re putting Smart Money Woman on your reading wishlist, you should get some reading recommendations for 2019 here.



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