This is the crazy moment a randy couple were caught having s’ex in a shopping centre.

A middle-aged man wearing a brown jacket and yellow shirt is seen lying on top of a woman with her bottoms around her ankles.

Abraham Jniedi and his friend filmed the moment they approached the randy duo on their mobile phones.

Footage shows Mr Jniedi asking:

“Mate, what are you doing?” before adding: “Mate, guys, you’re in fu cking public you idiot.”

The startled man pulls up his trousers and meekly replies: “Pardon me, we got carried away.”

Mr Jniedi then suggests the pair go down to the beach instead.

The man replies: “Yeah good idea,” before mumbling: “Pardon me, my excuse, I take responsibility… sorry about that.”

Footage of the incident was uploaded to . by Mr Jneidi with the caption: “We recorded it, were at the scene of the crime lol.”

It is believed to have happened in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday night.

The couple, who were not identified, both stand up and get changed before disappearing into the night.


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