Social Media Reacts Over Akuapem Poloo’s L.3.aked Video

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akuapem poloo leaked video
Social Media Reacts Over Akuapem Poloo L.3.aked Video

Social Media Reacts Over Akuapem Poloo L.3.aked Video

Social media has gone haywire over Akuapem Poloo’s viral video that was allegedly leaked online by a man she got involved with.

According to the details gathered by Lifestyle.ng, Akuapem Poloo got busy with a yet-to-be-identified man. They did things and when I say things, I mean things, thus, they did everything possible that you can ever think of.

Now, this was revealed by a middle-aged woman who was actually backlashing Akuapem Poloo for her action. -You can watch that video here if you missed it-

Now, back to social media. After some netizens saw the video, they have been going berserk over it.

Personally as a woman, I hope Akuapem Poloo gets through this, simply because she is a mother and this doesn’t look so good for her unless she makes tons of money out of it.

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