Social Media Will Be The End Of Some People

Beautician and skin care expert Ifu Ennada seem to be a bit concerned as to what people use the social media for and what they get out of it.

Ifu Ennada

According to her, she believes social media will be the end of some people if they don’t use it well and also be the greatness of others if they use it well.
Apparently, Ifu was referring to Dangote’s ex-girlfriend who has been sued by Dangote.

Recall that a lady identified as @Allarounda1 on Instagram  shared a video of herself and Dangote on a couch draped in an orange blanket fiddling with his mobile phone amidst clearly exposed buttocks. The lady also tagged @Iambealewis, who had earlier cried out about her relationship with Dangote.
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The beautician kinda have a point on this though. In Ifu Ennada’s words;
“Social media will be the end of some people while it will be the greatness of others…PS: Don’t be like Dangote’s Ex that’s getting sued…”

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