If you are feeling a little lackluster in your s*x life, here are five s*x refreshers for married couples that can break the mold, pun fully intended:

1) Mix it up.

Try a new s*x position monthly. Try one, try two, or try many. But, without fail, changing up what you would normally do will help you to create a new norm in the bedroom.

2) Display affection in public spaces.

It is so tasteful, but the excitement of kissing and being affectionate in the full view of others is a turn on and provide plenty of foreplay.

3) Role ..

Yes it sounds corny, but meeting up at a bar, lounge, or event and acting like you don’t know one another and meeting one another for the first time can be fun. Setting up your fantasy beforehand and then playing it out for one another later can provide mental stimulation that helps you with the physical stimulation. Just remember to stay in character!

4) Use technology to your advantage.

Sexting can be fun and add flavor to your relationship. And it doesn’t have to be X-rated. A message to let your significant know that you are thinking about them, have a surprise waiting for them later in the evening or just letting them know you appreciate them can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

5) Kiss regularly.

No, I’m not talking about the peck on the cheek or the lips. Kiss your partner like you did when you initially dated and was getting to know one another. Do it regularly. Remember how the kiss was the determining factor of attraction, compatibility, and substantial interest. The kiss was the impetus of you determining if you were going to take it further. Kiss with the objective of enjoying that physical interaction with your partner. It doesn’t always have to be about it leading to s*x. And watch what happens.



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