Steph Curry Savagely Trolls Nate Robinson


Nate Robinson suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of YouTuber Jake Paul on Saturday as he was knocked out in the second round of their boxing match. Coming into this fight, there were NBA fans who felt like Robinson would easily defeat Paul, although they were certainly mistaken as the YouTube star has a lot more fighting experience, and also came into the fight bigger. Either way. Robinson’s defeat came as a shock to many and since his loss, the memes have been flying all throughout social media.

Perhaps the biggest troll came from none other than Steph Curry, who wished Robinson well prior to the fight. In fact, Robinson told Curry he was ready to shock the world. After being knocked out, Curry made his way back to the thread and said “I see no lies.”

Basketball fans immediately clocked the reply and had a field day as they couldn’t believe Curry would go that far. Not to mention, just minutes earlier, Curry tweeted prayers for Robinson as he was hoping the ex-NBA star was doing okay. Needless to say, Curry switched up as fast as he could.

The whole internet was on Robinson’s case after the fight, although it remains surprising that Curry would join the Twitter mob. For those interested in seeing the Robinson-Paul fight, you can check out the highlights, below.

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