“Stingy Men Turn Me Off” – Nollywood Actress, Ebun Hodo

“Stingy Men Turn Me Off” – Nollywood Actress, Ebun Hodo

In the wake of the ongoing Stingy Men Association trending on social media Nollywood actress, Ebun Hodo has disclosed that she is turned of by men who are stingy.
Speaking to Inside Nollywood on reported by Kemi Filani news, Ebun Hodo shared her thoughts on the issue women only looking for rich men to marry.

According to Ebun, she detest men who are not generous with their money, however, she believes in a woman having her own money so that her man’s money becomes an addition.

He said;

“I’m a very romantic girl that’s why stingy men turn me off. For me, I’d advise every girl out there seeking for rich men to have a rethink. These men are getting wiser by the day.

Young woman, go and hustle, there’s this fulfilling thing with having your own money then your husband or boyfriend’s own would be an addition.

My boyfriend or husband to-be can’t come and surprise me with a Rolls Royce just like that, I’ll strive hard to buy him a Lamborghini. Every young lady out there should hustle, in order to attract a rich man.”


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