You may have already come across the Nigerian Beans and corn Porridge(Adalu) recipe, here on the blog.

   The combination of beans and corn is a delicious way to eat your beans and get your fiber without sacrificing taste and flavor.

   Even though it is traditionally prepared with fresh corn, I’d say that I enjoy it better when prepared with the canned sweet corn .

  And for extra richness and nourishment, I serve it with some stir-fried greens. This meal combo was courtesy of my wonderful friend and dietician(Dr.Daisy), who  has been helping a lot of people live a healthier and happier life.

 **Below is an an easy to follow video recipe on how to prepare Beans&corn Porridge**

Since we already have the Adalu(bean and corn porridge) recipe here, I’ll show you how I prepared this rich and delicious accompaniment. 
the Stir-fried Green Vegetables you’ll need :

– 500 gr spinach/ugwu/ green amaranth(I used a mixture of 2 veggies)
– 1 small Onion bulb, chopped
– 1 vegetable oil
– 1 tablespoon ground Crayfish(optional)

– 1 Stock
– Salt to taste
– Dried or fresh hot pepper, to taste

 To prepare the Stir-fried Green Vegetables 

1. Wash and dry the vegetable of choice: press the vegetables between clean
kitchen towels to dry them thoroughly.
Tip: if the vegetable is wet, it will heat up and
become soggy.

2. Slice
the vegetables and set aside .

3. Now heat up the oil in a saucepan until very hot; add the chopped onions,
peppers and ground crayfish(if using). Stir-fry for about 10 seconds.

Tip: the crayfish gives it a delicious and distinct taste, but you can
omit it if you want to.

4. Pour in the sliced vegetables, crush in the stock cube and stir-fry for 1
minute until the vegetable just starts to soften or wilt.

5. Add salt  to taste and continue stir-frying for another one minute. Then serve immediately and enjoy.

What do you think about this recipe? Have you tried it before? Please leave a comment ¡cos we like to here from you☺.


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