Today men have pressured women into becoming puppets and losing their identity as women. Gone are the days when men valued good character and godliness as prerequisites for going after women. It is now about, waist size, cleavage, full mammary glands, hips and curves, sexy looks, hour-glass figures, etc. A woman is adjudged “beautiful” by her physical looks and attractiveness while the more important “inner beauty” stuff like humility, submissiveness, controlled tongue, cool headiness, etc are undermined or deemed secondary.

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This has driven women to become artificial in ways that have overwhelmed the men folk so that they are left with nothing to do but complain. This ought not to be. Women are beautiful creatures of God and need not lose their identities to fit into the demand of this male chauvinist world. A real man will not look only on the outside but also on the inside to seek for that true beauty which can only radiate from inside. He will seek to build his lady’s esteem rather than destroy it. Women also need to understand that there is nothing they can do to keep a man who doesn’t want them. Men are supposed to search for them and not the other way round.

Some of this crazy things women do make them look desperate and vulnerable to men’s carnal desires. Just 10 of them make up this list…take a look:

1. Become A Sports Fan

This may not be altogether crazy if you fall in love and develop passion for a sport because your guy loves that sport. It is only abnormal if you have to pretend to love it so that the guy will be attracted to you when you hate that sport deep inside. Now this is disgusting and ladies are guilty as charged. Whether it is playing or watching, it is better and more sane, if you develop a genuine love for it without losing your identity, otherwise, hate it and say it.

2. Start Bleaching

Bleaching of body parts has been an epidemic in the ladies’ world. They tend to dislike the natural dark or chocolate skin they have in favor of a fairer or “oyinbo-ish” skin tone. It is a fact that “black is beautiful” but that is not for some of these ladies. They believe in other to attract a man, they must be light-skinned so they go all out to get a light skin just because of a man or men and in the end they end up with “a skin of many colors.” Pity!

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3. Wear Engagement Ring

This is an error under the sun. Ladies make themselves so cheap by this act. How can you put on the engagement ring of a man who has not seen or even spoken to your parents? But there are those who don’t mind. How long will men keep fooling ladies to wear their “cheap” rings without any concrete arrangement or even assurances. It shows him you don’t have a root or home and as such, he will feel at liberty to treat you anyhow.

4. Neglect Her Friends

Never loose your friends, especially very good friends because of a relationship. Because relationships may be lost, but friends stick. In fact, any man who tells you that it must be only him in your life and frowns when even your female friends come around is not good for your health. Because he is either insecure or has got something up his sleeves. And for the lady, don’t think of it. It’s normal to want to spend every spare time you’ve got with the person you love, but forgetting your friends, is a bad idea.

5. Go on Hunger Strike (for the perfect shape)

It is common knowledge that guys are on the look out for “agbani-styled” ladies. But that is not the reason you should acquire ulcer for yourself because you are starving to get a shape or as they say because you are watching your weight. Most ladies go through a lot of pain in the gym and also from starvation to fit into a certain guys criteria of the perfect girl. When they fail, they lose self-confidence and become depressed because they think they’re not good enough to be loved. Don’t let any man do that to you, sis…

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6. Wear Heavy Make-up

The make-up problem is one that needs urgent attention. This madness was a problem but it has become a plague, especially since the advent of make-up artists. You will not believe what is “concealed” under the heavy make-up that ladies wear these days and why do they wear it? So that men can find them attractive despite their “supposed” deficiencies. But how can a lady enslave herself just to please or attract a man? Men are really causing trouble.

7. Become Artificial

Men are now scared of beautiful ladies instead of being attracted to them, thanks to packaging. Ladies now lose their originality because of guys. They do facial lifts, wear fake butts, artificial hips, padded this, fixed that. And you wonder how they will keep the guys they attract by being artificial, because when the guy discovers the deceit, that should be the end of the story. Of course they will sure have their backup plans.

8. Plastic Surgery

Some other ladies will go as far as going under the knife to make the looks permanent. But it doesn’t come without side effects. As a matter of fact, it is the height of idiosyncrasy for any woman to undergo plastic surgery because of a man or because a man said so when there is no body defect to be corrected.

9. Become Obsessed About Her Looks 

Ladies will always want to make sure that they look nothing less than their best whenever they think they will be in the company of men. You will notice they will spend extra minutes (if not hours) in front of the mirror, packaging and re-packaging. But the question is, why?

10. Resort to Borrowing

As a follow-up to the aforementioned point, you see that ladies will go as far as borrowing money to buy expensive jewelries, clothes, shoes, etc, just in a bid to impress guys or to fit into some guy’s profile. But again, why??? This is very unreasonable.

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