Stop Policing And Trolling How People Choose To Mourn

Nollywood star Kate Henshaw is blowing hot on social media and addressing people who troll others about how they choose to mourn a person. The TV star in a lengthy video shared on her social media page explained that people have the power to mourn how they choose using the sad passing of Rachel Oniga as her point.

kate henshaw

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She shared that she heard the news on her way to an event and it left her distraught seeing how close she was with the veteran actress while she was alive. Kate explained that she met Rachel Oniga in 1990 and has seen several people mourn her painfully. She said certain celebrities haven’t posted the death and fans have gone to their pages to lash out at them.

The screen star said anyone who tries that with her will be dealt with noting that some people’s mental health can’t handle loss sometimes.
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