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Stop Using My Face To Advertise Frozen Fish

Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola has blown hot at those constantly using his pictures to advertise their business.odunlade adekola

There is no questioning that Odunlade is one of the best actors in Nigeria, especially for his role versatility. As one of the most popular sought after celebrity, there is no doubt that many businesses and brands want to be affiliated with him in order to boost their empire.
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It has come to the notice of the actor that many small scale restaurants, canteens and eateries are fond of using his pictures to promote their businesses. Reacting to it, Odunlade Adekola warned them to stop using his face to advertise their frozen fish business, especially in the trenches.
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Odunlade Adekola tweeted, “You people should stop using my face to advertise frozen fish in the trenches”. The actor was one of the winners at the just-concluded AMVCA 2022 as he bagged the award for the best supporting actor in a movie series, (Jankariwo).

odunlade adekolaodunlade adekola

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