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Styl-Plus Classics We Would Never Forget

Styl-Plus was unarguably one of the defining music groups of the 2000s, and even till date, most of their songs and lyrics are yet to be forgotten.

Just in case you don’t know, the group started off as Styl in 1997. It was formed by Shifi, Tunde, Yemi and Lanre. However, in 1999, after the death of Lanre, and the addition of Zeal, the name changed to Styl-Plus. Years later, Yemi and Tunde left the group for different reasons.


(Photo: YouTube/LordAnka)

Currently, the group is made up of just Shifi and Zeal. Going through Instagram, we found out that they are based in Abuja, and have actually been releasing songs and performing at shows. Check out this Instagram post on their official page:

It’s been almost a decade since we got a jam from them, but back in the days, these guys were the real deal! They gave us two albums and several evergreen singles that were also campus hits. Because we feel nostalgic once in a while, we’ve put together a list of seven Styl-Plus classics we would never forget.

Check them out and join the fandom!

1. Imagine That

2. Iya Basira

3. Olufunmi
4. Four Years
5. Drives Me Crazy
6. Call My Name
7. Runaway

Which of these songs is your favourite? Do you also think they need to reunite and give us a hit ASAP? Well, while we are waiting for that to happen, there are other Nigerian songs that will take you back to your childhood!






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