Summer Walker Believes “Broken Men” Should Seek Therapy, Not GFs Or Wives

In recent weeks, Summer Walker has been proudly showcasing her baby bump. The singer kept her pregnancy under wraps while there were rumors about her and producer London On Da Track welcoming a child together, but it seems that she’s adjusting to being more public about her growing baby bump. London On Da Track has been taking hits on social media lately after the mothers of his children, including Summer, have been candid about their issues with the famed producer, but he’s decided to stay silent instead of responding publicly.

While fans have speculated about the status of London and Summer’s on-again-off-again relationship, the singer shared on Instagram that she may have made different decisions in life had she taken a few things into consideration. “These broken men don’t need a gf or wife to hold them down,” Summer wrote in the text image. “They need father figures, rehab, AA, & a therapist.”

She finished off her message with a facepalm emoji and in the caption, she added, “Wish I understood this in high school & college I prolly would’ve stayed a virgin all the way till I was in my 20’s.” . was met with mixed responses from people who either agreed with her assessment or argued that some women know better but still get into relationships with “broken men” only to later complain. Check out her post below.

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