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Sunday Oliseh opens up on why Nigeria didn’t win the 1994 World Cup

Sunday Oliseh opens up on why Nigeria didn

Former Super Eagles captain, Sunday Oliseh, has revealed why the Super Eagles team didnt the 1994 World Cup. Nigeria qualified for the tournament for the first time that year.

The Clement Westerhof-coached team were grouped along with Argentina, Greece, and Bulgaria, topping the group on goal difference.


However, they were eliminated by Italy in the second round.


Sunday Oliseh opens up on why Nigeria didn

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According to Oliseh, the team had the “ingredients” to win the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA. However, according to him, “the overall circumstances weren’t in our favour”.


“I still think we had the potential to win that year.” Oliseh said to

“All the ingredients were there, but the overall circumstances weren’t in our favour.

“At any rate, it had nothing to do with our squad, which had the talent to go all the way,” Oliseh added.

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