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Sweet And Sour Tales About Aisha Buhari And The Next First Lady – Lifestyle Nigeria

With Nigerians closely monitoring the activities of the major presidential candidates, it is not surprising that their wives are now turning into an issue in the campaign.

The focus on the wives of the candidates have been especially ignited by the actions and inactions of the outgoing First Lady, Aisha Buhari.

After six years of Nigerians being entertained by the grammatical and uncouth theatrics of Patience Jonathan, the entry of the seemingly refined Aisha Buhari was celebrated as a welcome relief. However, it soon turned out that Aisha was even while refined, very, very remote from the ordinary Nigerian.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

There were reported remarks that she spent more time in Dubai than in Nigeria. At a time, it was alleged that she decided to relocate because she could not bear the pretence of putting up with a clone as a husband. That assertion was according to the false narrative that a Jubril from The Sudan had been imported to act as a decoy for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Though that narrative was not one taken to heart by very serious people, the seeming relocation to Dubai seemed to give it some measure of credibility.

However, before the Dubai relocation, one thing that gained Aisha Buhari favour with Nigerians was the repeated interventions she made to lambast her husband’s administration.

Speaking from The Other Room before the 2019 presidential election, she threatened not to campaign for her husband’s re-election if the government failed to deliver on its promises.

Willy-nilly, she campaigned with gusto for her husband’s re-election. However, after the second term inauguration she apparently took permanent base in Dubai.

It was as such not surprising that when she reappeared with much weight here and there, and at a time when many Nigerians were practically losing weight, that the prolific twitter user and student, Aminu Adamu Muhammad took to the platform to mock her.

It was easy for Aminu to mock her because as it is said, an idle man is the devil’s workshop.

Aminu, a final year student of the Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa had been turned to an idle mind following the prolonged strike that Aisha Buhari’s husband had been unable to resolve.

The tweet by Aminu that Aisha Buhari had gotten fat through poor’s peoples money is arguable. It is also not particularly clear why the First Lady was peeved; whether it is the allegation of getting fat at the expense of the poor or the body shaming of the delectable First Lady muscling up fat here and there.

The news that the First Lady ordered the arrest of the student may have turned perspectives about a First Lady seen as detached from the people into a worse situation with people now seeing her as a monster. The perception of her is despite the recent outing of Aminu as an extremist who openly supported the murder of Deborah Samuel.

Whatever, as Aisha Buhari trended, twitter users were quick to also compare her not just with Patience Jonathan, but more poignantly with her potential successors as First Lady. Senator Remi Tinubu, despite her good work in turning many Lagos touts into productive persons did not come out well in many twitter posts.

Many may have also recalled her past controversial actions, including the threat made against the Igbo in Lagos.

The prospects of Mrs Remi Tinubu have been compared with Mrs Margaret Peter Obi, the wife of the Labour Party candidate.

Mrs Tinubu and Mrs Obi were the main issues for twitter users until Comrade Adams Oshiomhole appeared on Wednesday night on Channels Television’s Politics Today to lambast Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate.

Lambasting Atiku’s selling point as the unifier, Oshiomhole in the interview said that the PDP candidate cannot claim to be a unifier when according to him he is unable to unify his home. He also accused Atiku of being a serial divorcee.

Outraged supporters of Atiku were quick to jump into the bandwagon mocking Oshiomhole over the continued absence of his young wife, Iara Fortes from public view. Many were quick to ask Oshiomhole to come up with the truth as concerning the former Cape Verde born former Emirates Airline staff.

While the Atiku Camp reacted with outrage over the issue, they were, however, careful not to overreact in mocking Oshiomhole over what they alleged as the circumstances of the former Edo State governor’s imported wife.

The restraint was easy to understand after one Tinubu campaigner, messaged your correspondent asking tongue-in-cheek why no one was talking about Atiku’s Moroccan wife.

The Tinubu media aide was also careful on his part given the mystery about his principal’s family.

Dino Melaye had while appearing on Channels Television to respond to the missives from Comrade Oshiomhole also thrown his own bombs on Tinubu alleging among others that the APC presidential candidate has five children from four women.

For Tinubu who has lately been attacked by critics for parading unknown background, unknown bishops, among others, the claim by Senator Melaye that the prospective president of the country also has unknown wives was an entirely new dimension to the issues around the APC presidential candidate.

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