A man has begged for help on what to do as he is totally hooked after having incredible s*x with his wife’s best friend.

I have been having s*x with my wife’s best friend for almost a year. We grab every chance we can to meet up and it’s all I think about at work. My relationship with my wife has been going downhill for more than a year.

My lover is married too but her husband is abusive. My wife lost all trust in me after I met someone at the gym and we got chatting. We exchanged banter via texts, which my wife found and read.

I am 28. My wife is 24 and so is her friend. Her friend is such a sweet girl but really wild in bed. She is wonderful but her husband is a right pig.

He is bad-tempered and violent. He does nothing around the house unless it’s in return for s*x. All he wants is a servant with s*x thrown in.

He buys her things to get s*x, too. He admits to having s*x with her while she is asleep. Sometimes she drinks too much trying to take her mind off her problems. Then he has a go at her when he thinks she won’t be able to remember it.

He has hit her more than once and she is scared of him. I’d hoped she would leave him and agree to be with me when I can get free. But she says she will work on their problems because she owes it to him seeing as she married him. His violence is getting worse and I need to convince her he is not the partner for her.

I know she is not happy unless she is with me but she hides her worries. I worry that he will find out she goes to meet me and not her sister or that she will give herself away and he will start to suspect she is having s*x elsewhere.


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