Symba ‘SymbasErothick’ Sex Tape On OnlyFans Leaks – Watch Video

Symba ‘SymbasErothick’ Sex Tape On OnlyFans Leaks – Watch Video

IG Model Symba Steamy OnlyFans Videos Leak Out
Symba is currently making controversial headlines following her session from a recent clubhouse discussion that got leaked out. She is facing backlash for slamming Nigerian women during the chat.

The model and stripper who goes by the name SymbasErothick on Instagram, was on clubhouse recounting her experience with the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

“I went to an event for people in entertainment. And he literally went around the entire room and took a picture with everyone in the room. I have never seen the guy before or after that…it was just gist”.

She also called a Nigerian girl in Dubai a prostitute and when someone called her out saying: “why are you using it as a slur don’t you do the same work” she responded that she is also a prostitute but that there’s levels.

S-C-H-O-C-K-I-N-G : Nigerian Pastor Sucks Breasts Of Kenyan Women

“Nigerian women can’t fuck. They aren’t discreet,” Symba reportedly said at a point.

But it didn’t take long before folks online dug out her details which inadvertently birth her leaked OnlyFans videos. Watch the leaked videos below:


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