It’s crucial we know the warning signs of oral cancer. Knowing the symptoms can help early detection, which could save your life:


Swelling or thickness along gum lines, lips and flesh on your cheeks

Abnormal lumps or bumps anywhere in the oral cavity

Any rough patches containing crust or eroded skin on your lips, flesh and cheeks

Presence of velvety white, red, or a mix of white and red patches on the skin in your mouth

Random bleeding

Random bouts of numbness, tenderness or pain in the neck, mouth or cheeks

Persistent canker sores

Difficulty chewing, speaking or moving your jaw

Chronic sore throat

Ear pain

Dramatic weight loss

Ways to prevent oral cancer include:

Do not smoke or use tobacco products

Avoid binge drinking

Eat a balanced diet


Limit sun exposure

To help detect oral cancer early on, dentists suggest individual’s conduct an oral exam on themselves once a month. With a bright light and oral mirror, poke and feel for any of the previously mentioned symptoms. Also feel for swollen lymph nodes, and attend your annual dentist appointments.


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