T.I. Clarifies Quando Rondo & King Von Message: “That’s A Reach”

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T.I. came under fire for sharing a post about beef in Atlanta, which many interpreted as a dig against Quando Rondo.

“Atlanta is a beautiful progressive city filled with black excellence,” wrote the rapper on his page. “We uplift each other & win together. Stop coming here to kill each other. That shit is played out. Handle YOUR beefs in YOUR city. Thx in advance.”

King Von was killed last week outside of an Atlanta nightclub, following an altercation with Quando Rondo’s crew. Given the timing of Tip’s post, many believed that his message couldn’t be coincidental. Apparently, according to him, it was.

Responding to a fan who clarified that Quando Rondo is from Savannah, Georgia, which isn’t far away from Atlanta, T.I. said that they were taking his message out of context and that he was not discussing the ongoing situation surrounding King Von’s death.

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“U assuming I’m speaking on bruh,” said Tip. “I ain’t named na’an name. That’s a reach.”

With that said, it appears as though his public service announcement was more of a general thing, and not meant for any one person in particular.

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T.I. is set for a big next few weeks, appearing on Verzuz against Jeezy and kicking off the new season on November 19.

Do you think T.I. is just doing damage control or was his message really not about King Von’s death?


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