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Yomi Fabiyi, Lizzy Gold react to net worth on Google


Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


Following the recent abduction of two Nollywood actors, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornell, who had gone missing after a movie set, a few celebrities have reacted to the net worth displayed on Google.

Some celebrities claimed that the net worth is fake and it gives these perpetrators ideas on who their next victims will be based on false information.

Yomi Fabiyi in a new post stated that everything written on his bio on Google is true except for a few things which will be addressed.

He wrote, “DANGER!. 1. NET WORTH here is fake 2. Age: Wrong 3. MARITAL STATUS: Wrong. 4. State of Origin: Correct.

“Anyways, the focal point here is the NETWORTH. Please, every actions and decisions taken on our behalf online have adverse effect I have never opened fake account in my life nor live a fake life. I travel with my truth, hardwork and guts only.

“I am no much fan of excessive or over-blown packaging. 2.5million dollars, kuku kee me. I AM NOT HUNGRY AND I AM NOT FULL EITHER(Mi o yo, ebi o de pami).

“Please oh whoever put these kind of info up should take it down or edit networth as ‘Moderate”.

“Again, I was born 1st of May and not 31st May. Moreso, I am over 40years. Most importantly, HELP ADJUST THE DOLLARS NETWORTH asap. Kobo no dey ground oh. And must you use dollars for the packaging? Thank you. Yomi Fabiyi.”

Actress Lizzy Gold on her Instagram also addressed what was written on her bio.

She said she is not close to the net worth written on her bio. According to her, she ought to take legal actions against those who updated her bio without proper interviews.

Lizzy wrote, “This is one of the reasons actors are been kidnapped .they think we are so rich ..I need to arrest the person behind this lies..

“I am working hard to be wealthy but am currently not close to any of that amount mentioned there… I nor get money.

“I be hustler. I dey even find who go dash me money. pls do not believe anything you read on the internet.”


Age, State of Origin, Net Worth & Instagram – Lifestyle


Glamsquad reports that Big Brother Naija Season 7 reality television show premiered on Saturday, July 23, 2022, at precisely 7 p.m. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, a media personality, returns as the show’s host this season.


Biography, Age, State of Origin, Net Worth, and Instagram of BBNaija Beauty
Beauty Tukura, also known as Beauty, is the second housemate of BBNaija 2022.


Beauty declares that she is ready to take you to the next level by being her true self. She assures that her housemates will despise her for being overly expressive and telling it like it is, but that you, the viewers, will adore her for being authentic. Buckle up for a true housemate.

Beauty is telling us that she drinks too much, which resulted in a negative experience in her life.

Beauty dislikes insults because she is polite. She is certain that she will not have sex in the house for the next 72 days. Let us wait and see.


Biography of Beauty on BBNaija
Beauty is a natural beauty. Etsany Tukura is a stunning and vivacious model and former beauty queen. Miss Nigeria was crowned in 2020 and reigned for two years.

State of Origin of Beauty BBNaija
Beauty is from Nigeria’s Taraba State.


BBNaija Beauty’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000, which translates to 127,192,374. She is a former beauty queen and model.


Social media handle

Beauty, also known as @beautytukura, has over 34,000 followers on Instagram.


Instagram, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Tribe, State & Net Worth – Lifestyle


Glamsquad reports that, Daniella BBNaija is a poet who dislikes drama. The twin aspires to be recognized as a poet. She is honest and open, a jack of all trades and a master of some. She doesn’t completely believe in love at first sight.


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BBNaija Daniella Biography
Daniella Utangbe Peters, 22 years old, from Obudu, Cross River State. Daniella is a talented, well-known, and energizing fast-rising celebrity who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.


Daniella, 22, enjoys working out and staying fit when she is not writing poetry, acting, or singing. She despises bullies and believes in fair play, so she usually steps in as “the defender” during heated debates.

Daniella enjoys meeting new people and considers herself to be resilient, energetic, and perceptive. She has a twin brother, five older brothers, and a younger sister, and she enjoys being a part of such a large family. Despite the fact that she recently ended a toxic relationship, Daniella still believes in love and hopes to find it one day.


When asked about habits that might irritate her Housemates, she says, “Based on research, it would be my sensitivity.” I’m well-versed in both verbal and nonverbal communication. Another example would be my pettiness, despite the fact that I dislike drama. In addition, I am quite unpredictable.”

Daniella believes Big Brother Naija is the ideal platform for her creativity. “I aspire to work in the entertainment industry.” “I am certain that I belong here.”

Daniella is here to make a name for herself! She intends to make her presence felt and seen in the House. Housemates can rely on her because she promises not to steal food.

Daniella’s Networth 
Daniella BBNaija’s net worth is estimated to be $10,000. She is currently one of Nigeria’s wealthiest BBNaija housemates.

Daniella’s Instagram account has not yet been made public. We’ll notify you as soon as there are any updates.


Age, State of Origin, Net Worth & Instagram – Lifestyle


Khalid BBNaija Biography, Age, State of Origin, Net Worth, and Instagram can be found below.


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Big Brother Naija Season 7 reality television show premiered on Saturday, July 23, 2022, at precisely 7 p.m. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, a media personality, returns as the show’s host this season.

The premiere of the show, which include the introduction of new housemates was broadcasted on all Africa Magic and BBNaija channels on DStv and GOtv.


The show premiere on DStv channels 151, 153, 154, and 198, as well as GOtv channels 2, 6, and 29.

The show air on the 24-hour channels 198 on DStv and 29 on GOtv. Fans in Africa will be able to watch the show via the African online streaming service Showmax.

Khalid Ismael, also known as Khalid, is the third housemate on BBNaija 2022.



Khalid’s Biography

Khalid Ismael is the real name, he is 22 Years old.

Plateau State of Origin

Job and Career Experience
Kalid is a writer, artist, and basketball enthusiast. He does not believe in first love.


Meet Ilebaye, Photos, Age, State Of Origin & Net worth – Lifestyle


BB Naija Ilebaye Biography, Age, Birthplace, Net Worth, and Instagram

Brace yourself for Ilebaye’s braces because she brings nothing but spice to Biggie’s house, glamsquad reports.

Ilebaye is here to discover, have fun, and socialize. If she gets her way, she wants every housemate to party all day.


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Ilebaye reiterates that she will never have sex in the house because it will prevent her from having fun or sleeping. She is a true Gen-Zer.

Ilebaye claims she can be blunt and casual, which makes her housemates dislike her.


Ilebaye has her sights set on the prize in all of these.


BBNaija’s Ilebaye Biography
Nigeria is where Ilebaye was born. She enjoys acting. She has yet to provide information about her age, parents, siblings, education, and upbringing. We will keep you updated.


BBNaija’s Ilebaye Country of Origin
Ilebaye is from Kogi State.



BBNaija’s Ilebaye Ilebaye’s net worth is estimated to be $1,000, which is equivalent to 388000 Naira.


Meet Bright Cyph, BBNaija, Photos, Age, State Of Origin & Net worth – Lifestyle


Glamsquad reports that Bright Cyph is one of the most recent BBNaija season 7 housemates, having been introduced on July 23rd, 2022.


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Cyph is a caring individual who has brought the cruise and drama to Biggie’s house.


Cyph is a foodie who will take any opportunity to eat his favorite delicacy.


Cyph intends to have it with the other housemates while keeping an eye on the final price.


BBNaija Cyph Biography
Cyph was born in Nigeria, but his exact birth date is unknown. He is a designer and a techie.

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BbNaija Cyph Country of Origin
Cyph is from Mbaise in Nigeria’s Imo State.

Cyph’s Networth 
Cyph’s net worth is estimated to be $10,000.

Social media handle
Cyph can be found on Instagram as @iam cyph. At the time of writing, he had over 6,000 followers on Twitter.


Meet Amaka, Photos, Age, State Of Origin & Net worth – Lifestyle


Glamsquad reports that Amaka BBNaija is a Nigerian internet personality, reality TV show star, and current Big Brother Naija housemate in Season 7. She rose to prominence after appearing on Nigeria’s most popular reality show.


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Amaka’s Childhood and Education

There is little information available about the fast-rising reality TV show’s star

Amaka is well-educated, having completed both primary and secondary school, as well as a tertiary education.

Career of Amaka on BBNaija

Amaka is a talented, well-known, and energizing fast-rising celebrity who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She rose to prominence in July 2022 after winning Big Brother Naija Season 7 and earning a place in Biggie’s house.

Net Worth of Amaka BBNaija
Amaka is a rising celebrity who was a Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate. Her net worth has not been disclosed.

Personal Life of Amaka BBNaija
Her strengths include originality and realism, while her weaknesses include being overly emotional and impatient.

Social Media Handle of Amaka BBNaija
Instagram handle: @amaka


Top 100 Billionaires List, Their Net Worth, Country & Industry – Lifestyle

Top 100 billionaires list, their net worth, country and industry, according to Bloomberg

1 Elon Musk $214B -$789M -$56.1B United States Technology

2 Jeff Bezos $133B -$2.58B -$59.7B United States Technology

3 Bernard Arnault $128B +$1.72B -$49.6B France Consumer

4 Bill Gates $114B -$1.76B -$24.4B United States Technology

5 Gautam Adani $110B +$2.09B +$34.0B India Industrial

6 Larry Page $103B -$1.30B -$24.9B United States Technology

7 Sergey Brin $99.2B -$1.21B -$24.3B United States Technology

8 Warren Buffett $96.5B -$297M -$12.4B United States Diversified

9 Steve Ballmer $90.0B -$3.47B -$15.7B United States Technology

10 Larry Ellison $87.1B -$1.08B -$20.1B United States Technology

11 Mukesh Ambani $86.1B -$206M -$3.85B India Energy

12 Carlos Slim $73.7B +$256M -$72.1M Mexico Diversified

13 Zhong Shanshan $70.4B -$922M -$9.39B China Diversified

14 Charles Koch $68.2B +$21.2M +$6.96B United States Industrial

15 Julia Flesher Koch & family $68.2B +$21.2M +$6.96B United States Industrial

16 Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $68.1B +$1.67B -$25.6B France Consumer

17 Mark Zuckerberg $60.7B +$134M -$64.8B United States Technology

18 Jim Walton $58.7B -$150M -$5.86B United States Retail

19 Rob Walton $58.2B -$98.5M -$5.82B United States Retail

20 Alice Walton $56.6B -$99.9M -$6.02B United States Retail

21 Jacqueline Badger Mars $49.8B +$122M -$1.35B United States Food & Beverage

22 John Mars $49.8B +$122M -$1.35B United States Food & Beverage

23 Amancio Ortega $49.2B +$1.30B -$18.4B Spain Retail

24 Michael Dell $47.8B -$55.5M -$7.20B United States Technology

25 Alain Wertheimer $44.7B +$410M +$11.8B France Consumer

26 Gerard Wertheimer $44.7B +$410M +$11.8B France Consumer

27 Zhang Yiming $44.5B $0 $0 China Technology

28 Zeng Yuqun $42.9B -$1.29B -$10.2B Hong Kong Industrial

29 Phil Knight & family $39.7B -$468M -$22.6B United States Consumer

30 Giovanni Ferrero & family $39.5B +$26.3M +$3.61B Italy Food & Beverage

31 Jack Ma $37.2B -$63.9M -$1.23B China Technology

32 Ma Huateng $36.9B -$434M -$10.0B China Technology

33 Klaus-Michael Kuehne $36.2B -$158M -$5.53B Germany Industrial

34 Francois Pinault $35.6B +$361M -$17.2B France Consumer

35 Len Blavatnik $32.9B +$74.9M -$8.75B United States Diversified

36 Vladimir Potanin $31.4B -$240M +$585M Russian Federation Commodities

37 Stephen Schwarzman $30.8B -$306M -$7.10B United States Finance

38 Li Ka-shing $30.6B -$196M +$1.28B Hong Kong Real Estate

39 Ken Griffin $28.9B +$42.4M +$7.58B United States Finance

40 William Ding $28.1B -$63.8M -$4.54B China Technology

41 MacKenzie Scott $26.3B -$750M -$30.0B United States Technology

42 Leonard Lauder $26.3B -$104M -$11.3B United States Consumer

43 Tadashi Yanai $26.1B -$69.2M -$3.52B Japan Retail

44 He Xiangjian $25.8B +$334M -$5.65B China Consumer

45 Azim Premji $25.4B -$137M -$15.9B India Technology

46 Miriam Adelson $25.2B +$425M -$1.35B United States Entertainment

47 Leonid Mikhelson $25.0B -$249M -$7.42B Russian Federation Energy

48 James Simons $25.0B -$50.0M -$525M United States Finance

49 Wang Chuan-Fu $24.5B -$1.20B +$1.92B China Consumer

50 Dieter Schwarz $24.1B -$9.59M -$4.84B Germany Retail

51 Qin Yinglin $24.0B -$634M +$3.33B China Food & Beverage

52 German Larrea $23.9B -$425M -$1.75B Mexico Commodities

53 Henry Cheng $23.4B +$57.7k +$485M Hong Kong Retail

54 Shiv Nadar $22.9B -$341M -$9.63B India Technology

55 Carl Icahn $22.8B +$14.5M +$584M United States Diversified

56 Elaine Marshall $22.7B +$7.37M +$1.64B United States Industrial

57 Vladimir Lisin $22.6B -$265M -$5.42B Russian Federation Industrial

58 Eric Schmidt $22.5B -$270M -$5.16B United States Technology

59 Lee Shau Kee $21.0B -$2.55M -$1.99B Hong Kong Real Estate

60 Alexey Mordashov $20.8B -$264M -$8.00B Russian Federation Industrial

61 Takemitsu Takizaki $20.8B -$490M -$14.4B Japan Technology

62 Jorge Paulo Lemann $20.3B +$346M -$1.18B Brazil Food & Beverage

63 Aliko Dangote $20.2B -$837k +$1.15B Nigeria Industrial

64 Lukas Walton $20.1B -$45.3M -$2.08B United States Retail

65 Li Shu Fu $20.0B +$28.7M -$5.68B China Industrial

66 Huang Shilin $20.0B -$595M -$2.71B China Industrial

67 Donald Bren $19.9B $0 +$2.22B United States Real Estate

68 Colin Huang $19.8B +$532M -$737M China Technology

69 Dan Gilbert $19.8B +$226M -$6.77B United States Real Estate

70 Alisher Usmanov $19.5B -$39.5M -$1.73B Russian Federation Diversified

71 Susanne Klatten $19.5B +$113M -$3.73B Germany Industrial

72 Radhakishan Damani $19.5B -$545M -$5.12B India Retail

73 Guillaume Pousaz $19.4B $0 +$11.7B Switzerland Technology

74 Harold Hamm $19.3B -$538M +$5.57B United States Energy

75 Peter Woo $19.1B -$95.4M +$149M Hong Kong Real Estate

76 Changpeng Zhao $19.0B +$231M -$76.8B Canada Finance

77 Pang Kang $18.8B -$25.6M -$3.52B China Food & Beverage

78 Ernesto Bertarelli & family $18.6B -$50.0M -$2.60B Switzerland Diversified

79 Gina Rinehart $18.1B +$50.6M -$750M Australia Commodities

80 Abigail Johnson $18.0B +$39.7M -$7.94B United States Finance

81 Iris Fontbona & family $17.9B -$126M -$2.43B Chile Commodities

82 Andrew Forrest $17.4B +$101M -$2.88B Australia Commodities

83 Vagit Alekperov $17.4B -$255M -$4.36B Russian Federation Energy

84 Gianluigi Aponte $17.3B +$140M +$6.94B Switzerland Services

85 Thomas Peterffy $17.2B +$14.6M -$7.58B United States Finance

86 Budi Hartono $17.0B +$144M -$1.26B Indonesia Diversified

87 Dietrich Mateschitz $16.9B -$42.8M +$685M Austria Food & Beverage

88 Li Xiting $16.8B -$405M -$4.61B Singapore Health Care

89 John Menard $16.8B -$17.3M -$8.83B United States Retail

90 Robert Kuok $16.7B -$66.7M -$1.54B Malaysia Diversified

91 Stefan Quandt $16.4B +$86.5M -$4.72B Germany Industrial

92 Alwaleed Bin Talal $16.4B +$42.2M -$452M Saudi Arabia Diversified

93 Thomas Frist $16.3B +$24.9M -$6.81B United States Health Care

94 Eyal Ofer $16.3B +$30.6M -$181M Israel Services

95 Lv Xiang-yang $16.2B -$767M +$2.18B China Consumer

96 Vicky Safra $16.2B $0 +$25.0M Greece Finance

97 Ray Dalio $16.1B $0 +$510M United States Finance

98 David Tepper $16.0B $0 +$1.09B United States Finance

99 Michael Hartono $16.0B +$138M -$1.21B Indonesia Diversified

100 Lakshmi Mittal $15.5B +$160M -$4.98B India Commodities


Meet Angélique Kidjo, Winner of NET honours 2022 Most Popular Celebrity (REST OF AFRICA) – Lifestyle


Beninese singer and songwriter Angelique Kidjo has recently emerged the winner of NET Honours for the most popular celebrity (rest of Africa). The singer was nominated alongside Christina Matovu, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, and Peace Hyde.


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Angélique Kidjo is a five-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, actress, and activist. The Beninese Singer was born in 1960 into a family of performing artists. Her father worked as a musician, and her mother worked as a choreographer and theatre director.


Angélique Kidjo’s fame in the Nigerian entertainment industry skyrocketed after she won some Grammy awards while in competition with some popular Nigerian celebrities. On April 3rd, 2022, Angelique Kidjo won the category for the Grammys best world music album while in competition with wizkid made in Lagos album. In 2020, she also won the Grammys category for the World Best Music Album’ award while in competition with Burna Boy. Her victory over these two artists resulted in lots of criticism about her work. However, Angelique Kidjo highlighted during her speech for her 5th Grammy win that “We are all Africans.”

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The Beninese Singer has won several awards and has also been featured in different popular magazines. In March 2022, she won the award for Forbes Woman Africa Entertainer.

Photo credit: Angélique Kidjo

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Joselyn Dumas’ Biography, Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Education, Awards, And Career

Joselyn Dumas is a Ghanaian television host and actress. She made her debut on Television as the host of Charter House’s Rhythmz, an entertainment show, which saw her interview many celebrities. Here’s his Biography, Age, Net worth, Spouse, Education, Awards, Occupation, Career, etc.


Who is Joselyn Dumas?

Joselyn is a Ghanaian television host and actress. She was born in Ghana and spent her early childhood in Accra, Ghana. She had her basic education at Morning Star School and proceeded to the Archbishop Porter Girls High School where she became the Entertainment Prefect. Joselyn furthered her studies in the United States where she studied to earn a Degree in Administrative Law.



Full name: Joselyn Dumas

Date of birth: 31 August 1980

Age: 42

Place of birth: Ghana

Nationality: Ghanian

Spouse: Unknown

Net worth: $1 million

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Education: Archbishop Porter Girls’ Secondary School

Occupation: Actress, Brand ambassador

Children: Update soon

Marital status: Single

Awards: Golden Bell Award for Best Supporting Actress

Social media: [email protected]



She co-produced Miss Malaika Ghana, one of the most prestigious beauty pageant in Ghana, from 2008 to 2010. She is also the founder and CEO of Virgo Sun Company Limited, a production entity that under her directorship, has already co-produced its first movie Love or Something Like that, endorsed by the UNAIDS.

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She hopes to produce as well as invest in more television programs or series like V Republic, an edgy television series produced by Sparrow Productions with Executive Production by VirgoSun.



Trending video of the day;

Photo Credit: Getty

. Joselyn Dumas’ Biography, Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Education, Awards, And Career Follow Gossip Naija.