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Talent Needs Hard Work To Shine, Singer X-Two J Tells Youths – Independent Newspaper Nigeria

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Nigerian Singer, ThankGod Kelechi Johnny, popularly known as X-TWO J, gave some vital words of advice to youths in his Instagram story on Wednesday 24th January 2023.

In a write-up on his Instagram page, X-Two-J stated that “talent needs hard work to shine”, to motivate people that talent is not enough for greatness.

Explaining further, the Singer wrote: “As a music artist, have it on your mind that to break into the music industry is not a kid’s play, the music industry is a business place, not a charity place. Nobody is going to buy music because they want to help you, they are buying or streaming it because it makes sense to them.

“Your talent gives you only a headstart but it’s your hard work that pushes you to succeed. Hard work is the separating factor & the energy that fuels our talents, ambitions and skills to shine bright.

“If you are not working hard to keep your talent active and showing it to others, you will miss opportunities to achieve the level of success that you can reach.

“If you are not working hard, that talent remains latent and will burn out slowly. But when you work hard, your talent becomes an untamed hidden factor you use to your advantage.

“Look at successful people in the world, music, sports, business, etc. They don’t sit on their laurels; instead, they are constantly working on their craft, art to achieve success or to stay relevant in their fields.”

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