Sending an unsolicited man-hood pic is a no-no, guys. There’s simply no situation in which you should do it. If you go ahead and put your man-hood out there unsolicited like that, you can expect—no, deserve—to get roasted. And while we’re doling out advice, maybe don’t even joke about man-hood pics with Samsung, because they too will roast you—and then it’ll go viral.

The company’s Twitter account sent out a tweet about the new Galaxy S8 last week asking users to show the first photo they took with the new phone.

One user, thinking he was slick, tweeted back saying it was a man-hood pick

Samsung clapped back in just three minutes and used just one emoji to son him: a microscope.

Credit was given where credit was due, and Samsung has racked up more than 13,000 retweets and 22,000 likes, as of publishing. Somehow, Edward is still alive and tweeting. But no word on if he’ll ever have the moxie to send another man-hood pic in his life.

.: Men’s Health

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