Teen Vogue’s Edition of African Hairstyles Using White Models wtf


here is the link http://naturallymoi.com/2015/06/twitter-explodes-after-seeing-teen-vogues-edition-of-african-hairstyles-using-white-models/ …


  1. @justcallmeMsM girl bye! You and that seductive bitch can go rant that shit on Rachel's YT channel… Even if what your saying is true how does that compensate for ALL the things white people has stolen from US?? I see what your TRYING to allude at but um… TRY again!

  2. I need everyone to read this…. What are your thoughts on this June/July edition of Teen Vogue Magazine? Are you shocked that there are no dark-skinned models? Or are you just numb because you are used to the unfair treatment and portrayal of African Americans in this country? Yes bitch.. yall steal everything from us.. they hate us but at the sometime they wish to be us.. I don't read or purchase vogue magazine.. but if you give homage to african hair styles at least use african women's..

  3. We as a culture need to patent our style and charge these mfs every time they copy us and capitalize on it. If black women don't stop and recognize our power. This is some more white girl bs and when they are tired of playing us they will move on the the next thing and these black women who already confused will be left sad and even more confused. No matter how they want you to believe we are so alike and in this together we just NOT.

  4. There's a difference between women from Africa and women who are African. And I see your point African women are black and although I have no problem with women of any race wearing micro braids, etc. The article is for African women so why excuse the actual women of that race and out the opposite? It's like saying Native American culture fashion but you have Asian women wearing their clothes.

  5. Honestly, it's nothing shocking mainstream media has been taking styles from us for generations then acting as though they've discovered something new. Just like the article Vogue did about North West inspiring the natural hair movement. Like really? Is she even potty trained yet? I'm so over Vogue.

  6. It doesn't surprise me one bit, these people hate us so much because they want to be us. They will steal our heritage, our style of dress, they way we dance, and so on. They are culture bandits.

  7. I feel they should have use black ppl  no shade to white ppl but that part of our culture and should have been highlighted as such. all can wear the hair styles but  when you talking about African I feel there should be some around… I feel you much love you have to give credit where it's Due.

  8. I saw the article and I feel sort of mixed. There are so many beautiful caramel,chocolate, ebony,golden brown skinned ladies that deserve to be acknowledged in the print media. It is very sad how some of them will never get the exposure they deserve because of the colorism and blatant white supremacy today. However, I don't understand why we would even expect to be highlighted in such a magazine like Teen Vogue. I mean, when have they ever took out time to put us brown ladies on a pedestal? This isn't the first time magazines like this have put out questionable articles such as this one. I am not at all surprised.

  9. I personally feel as if they don't view us as being beautiful. They don't care about anything that we stand for or do and it only becomes relevant to them when they can use it to benefit themselves. I blame the media for being able to dictate what is considered beauty. It disgusted me when the writer of the article got on Twitter and said she didn't understand why it was a big issue and had the nerve to ask "what is black". You and those people like you that associate with that magazine know what black is because they have been going out of their way for years to not show equal representation in said magazines. If it wasn't an issue like she said than why couldn't some beautiful dark/darker skin women be seen? We are the originators and can show the true representation of the style. Ugh, the media makes me sick. Black people/ persons of color are only ever talked about negatively or they talk about the three token niggas in the world(according to them) because white people are okay with them and feel like they are relatable or whatever. Other than that we must not exist in this world since all we are good for is being constantly appropriated and then told that we aren't shit.

  10. Is biracial the new black?
    I'm just curious because the original writer of the article & 1 of the models are biracial and say they are just as black as anyone else.
    If it good enough for Obama then…
    P.S. The white community & their corporations monetized & took over the "natural" hair community long ago.

  11. Why give homage to African hair, if your not going to use African or African American people? It doesn't make sense to me. What really trips me out though is they spend so much time on hating, and degrading blacks just to turn around and try to be like us. They get tans to make the skin darker, injections in the lips to make them appear fuller, and silicone injected into their behinds to pump up they asses. To turn around and pretend to celebrate "black hair" by presenting whites with African hairstyles? Now that's just adding insult to injury, and I don't give a damn what anybody says its NOT O.K.


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