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Teni Just Shared This Hilarious Father Christmas Photo From Her Childhood

Growing up in Nigeria, the version of Santa aka Father Christmas, in this country traumatised some of us. Teni shared a picture of her experience with Father Christmas, and it is funny AF.

We’ve seen some of the most hilarious and wackiest Father Christmas pictures in Nigeria, from the downright terrifying costumes to the outrageous things some of them were pictured doing. Well, Teni The Entertainer, as she is famously called just shared the funniest one yet.

In the photo, a younger Teni sat on his laps, clutching the typical Christmas “presents” most of us got from Father Christmas at the time. To make matters worse, he wore a very creepy mask – which made him look more like a masquerade than Santa. Not only did she spread the Christmas cheer, she also wanted to know why her parents took her to see this special “Santa”: “Who is ready for Christmas? Why did my parents do this to me?”. 

What is your funniest experience with Father Christmas? Check out Teni’s picture right here:






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