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Teni The Entertainer Has Dropped Two New Songs “Shakeam” And “Case”ZUMI



Guys! Teni The Entertainer has dropped two new songs – “Case” and “Shakeam” – to start our weekend right, and we honestly can’t get enough of them

If you’re a true Teni The Entertainer fan, you’ve probably had her last solo singles “Askamaya” and “Lagos” on repeat since they were released in May. Both songs received positive reviews and showcased her lyrical prowess. Teni’s latest singles are follow-ups to her feature on D-Tunes jams, “Simbobo” and “Kolesi.”

Teni The Entertainer

(Photo: Instagram/TeniTheEntertainer)

Teni has had a great year if we must say so. In case you missed it, she won the Rookie of the year award at the 2018 Headies. She also graduated from the University of Georgia, and even blessed us with her best freestyle video yet.

On “The Case,” a mid-tempo tune, Teni makes a list of things she will do for love, singing “I slap police for your case/ I go court for your case/ I punch the judge for your case.”

On “Shake Am,” Teni delivers a jam with a touch of the Fela vibe, singing “You, you, you, the things you do make my head bang bang bang.” Check it out below:

Which of these Jay Synth-produced tracks is your fave? Share with us in the comment section. And just in case you need more of Teni on your .list, we’ve got you covered!






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