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Teni Wants To Win A Grammy Award In The Future – ZUMI

Everyone knows none of Teni’s songs is complete without positive vibes. Channelling her celebratory single, “Uyo Meyo”, Teni is speaking more positivity into existence this year.

Not everyone can make an entire song out of a shirt, but then again, not everyone is Teni. The singer, who is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians of our generation, makes music look ridiculously easy. She had a successful year in 2018 after she consistently released hit tracks like “Case” and “Askamaya”. In the same year, she won the  MVP Soundcity Award for the ‘Best New Artist’, and the next award she has set her sights on is a Grammy.

So far, Sade Adu is the only female Nigerian artist to have won at the Grammy Awards but Teni wants to up that number. Following the tweet, some fans urged her on while others called her attention to previous musicians, like 9ice, who have made a similar claim in the past. Given how hard she worked last year, and her undeniable talent, this dream could be possible and hopefully, she will bring home a Grammy some day.


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