‘That Sharp Naija Guy’, KOKO TV’s New Series Premieres On November 1


The long awaited web series by KOKO TV is finally here! That Sharp Naija Guy Premieres on Sunday, 1st of November 2020 at 9pm.

If you’ve been looking for something to watch with the perfect dose of discussion and drama on love, dating and relationship in Nigeria, then we have just produced the perfect show for you.
Due to popular demand from the eponymous feature on our platform, we have brought together some of the freshest, smartest and most outspoken Nigeria youths to share and discuss their ideal and principles about relationships on the much talked-about and highly anticipated KOKO TV Series, ‘That Sharp Naija Guy Show’.

The show dissects all the trendy topical issues about relationships involving Nigerian guys and ladies. Topics ranging from, why do guys cheat, side-chics, to relationship tags, What is a situationship, FWB, Money and a lot more. The show is just everything on the streets of a proper “Guy Code” vibes.

‘That Sharp Naija Guy Show’ premiere on Sunday, 1st of November 2020 at 7pm. The first episode will have our guest discuss a very important topic in contemporary relationships which is “Do Broke Guys Deserve Sex”.

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Well, to me I don’t think broke guys deserve sex, make money as much as you can then you would get more than enough of it. But hey! that’s just my opinion, our other guests had different thoughts about broke guys getting the cookie!… So if you want to find out what they actually said then make it a date with us here on Sunday November 1st at 9pm, when the show premieres on our YouTube Station – KOKO TV 

Meet our guests on the show and get to know them; 

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You can also watch the show here once it premieres;

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