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The 25 Rules Of Dressing For An Office


Yes, it’s 2017 and office dress codes have relaxed considerably since the days when a man couldn’t step out in anything less than a three-piece suit. And while that’s mostly for the best, it’s no excuse to start dressing like a slob. Instead, stick to the following principles and you’ll stand out in just about any workplace—in a good way.

  • A great watch is a necessity. It not only dresses up your handshake but your newfound promptness for 9am meetings will help you get ahead.
  • Not every shoe has to lace or buckle; try a Chelsea boot. Not only do they look great under a slim suit pant but will dress up a pair of jeans too
  • What’s in your bag speaks volumes about you. Does yours say, “I live in my car and carry everything I need with me at all times.” Or does it say, “All I needed was the contract. Sign >.”
  • Retire the black nylon messenger bag and upgrade to an investment piece in quality leather that you can carry forever.
  • Stop wearing square-toed dress shoes
  • Nothing says “amateur” like an ill-fitting suit. Find a tailor and find him fast
  • French cuff shirts can really class up a suit, but not jeans
  • Just say no to novelty ties.
  • If you are allowed to wear jeans to work, keep them neat and clean. Nothing about your office attire should be described as distressed
  • Your tie should never be wider than your lapel and shouldn’t hang below your belt
  • The fewer logos, the better. Your only allegiances at work should be to your company, not your favorite team or brand.
  • White socks are for the gym, not for under a suit.
  • Playful socks are a great way to show your personality at the office, but they should still complement the whole outfit.
  • Socks should reach your midcalf, so as not to show your skin when seated
  • Wearing sneakers with a suit can look great, but don’t wear your old grimy gym shoes to the office. Instead invest in a great pair of dress sneakers.
  • Not every shirt has to be white.
  • No baseball caps. Want to wear a hat? Try a more refined porkpie or fedora style
  • When it comes to belts, opt for a classic silver buckle. Extra points if your initials are engraved.
  • Switch it up: Try a polo shirt with your suit. We recommend a solid color without a logo
  • Never leave home in unpolished shoes.
  • Don’t forget the power of a great blazer. It’ll dress up a pair of jeans, but it can usually be worn with the pants from your other suits to double your wardrobe
  • Any hair on your head or your face should always be neat and trim.
  • Get a manicure. No one wants to shake an unkempt hand.
  • Keep the sandals out of the office.
  • It may be a cliché, but think it through: At the end of the day, dress for success.

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