The 7 Sexiest Outfits Agbani Darego Has Ever Worn


Agbani Darego may be your skinny and former beauty queen, but she’s actually our demure queen. When it comes to her dressing for the red carpet, we’re not always surprised to see her covered up, because honestly, you can never spot the beauty queen in a naked dress, talk less of semi-revealing ensemble. The bombshell It girl has grown to become a role model for many African female youths, proving she was worthy of that title – the 51st edition of the Miss World winner in 2001.

Apparently, it is very rare to see women like this nowadays, when the revealing dress is fast becoming an ubiquitous trend in the celebrity community. But thankfully, Agbani Darego has lived and kept her promise, and we will continue to celebrate her. It might surprise you that after running a thorough X ray scan in her entire wardrobe (literally), Agbani Darego has only put on 6 outfits that showed the appropriate amount of her skin, which is a prove of what we’re talking about. Flip through the gallery to see them yourself:


At the Elite Model Look 2012

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