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The Alte Fashion: Nigerian youths are stepping up the game


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By Tina Kenneth

Aside fighting for the rights of their country, Nigerian youths remain unapologetic as they constantly share the art within them, and they are not backing down anytime soon.

Alte is short for “Alternative” which means different, the endsars fighters have created an outstanding fashion trend in the big city of Lagos. This fashion has compelled both genders to wear a big T-shirt on a big plain trouser pants paired with sneakers. This young generation prefer to create a unique style by combining old and new school fashion, they also enjoy the several additional details that comes with this trend, and the cool alte music as well.

Who is Wave the Creator?

Legally known as Jennifer Ejoke is a musician, fashion designer and film maker born in Lagos but raised in the USA. Wave the Creator has a smooth lifestyle that suits the alte fashion perfectly, she is the official photographer of popular artist Olamide, and owns a clothing line called AZIF. Wave the Creator has a unique sense of style, she stands out every time she walks into a room, the film maker goes all the way to bring extra-ordinary outfits, her personality forms through a mix of retro vibes and bright colors.

Cruel Santino is a Nigerian alternative singer/song-writer and creative director, his styles are divergent, yet approachable, it has pushed the rapper into being a key player in the alte scene. Cruel Santino released his latest album ‘Subaru Boys: Final Heaven’ Inspired by anime, the Japanese, crafting a sound and style that goes beyond music. One interesting feature of Cruel Santino is the desire to constantly push hard on his creative output and embrace his art as he creates a music-centric motion that is alternative and remarkably popular.

Nigeria fast rising beauty influencer Ashley Okoli is the hottest alte girl in Lagos. Ashley Okoli is the creative director behind some alte music video for Lady Donli, and Nonso Amadi, her creative sense has seen inspire young females to not only be unapologetic but bold about their fashion style. On a recent interview, the stylist told vogue she is a risk taker when it comes to clothes, “my sense of style is almost impossible to pin down” the beauty star own a clothing unisexual brand called Sillet, as she continues to create sexy fits for her fans.

It is with no doubt that this retro, vintage style is not leaving the youths in Nigeria anytime soon, as they carry on with the question, who gave the Lekki shooting order? Alte fashion circulars round Lagos and beyond, with the sense of being fearless, creative and fun.

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