The Bashing On Nengi And Ozo Proves That Most Young People Don’t Want Serious Relationship

Queen Nwokoye
Popular Nigerian actress, Queen Nwokoye has stated that the criticism that recently evicted housemate Ozo faced over his complicated relationship with Nengi proves that young people do not want serious relationship.

Queen Nwokoye

Writing on her Twitter page, she explained that this ‘Indomie generation’ are looking for quick and easy routes to relationship, rather than ‘chasing’.

According to her, chasing was what made relationships interesting and much stronger.

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“The only thing I have realised from the Ozo and Nengi bashing is that alot of people don’t value courtship aka chasing. They love quickies. Chasing was what made toasting fun and relationships strong back in the days but indomie generation won’t understand.”

Photo Credit: Instagram