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The Causes of Snoring and its Effects on Health



The health effects of snoring are numerous. This sleep problem occurs when the airways in the throat and mouth are partially blocked. The blockage disturbs the . air and causes tissues in your mouth and throat to vibrate. These vibrations create the snorts and sounds that characterize snoring.

Causes of Snoring
Snoring can be caused . having larger tissues in the throat and mouth. Tissue size increases with weight; that’s why overweight people are more likely to snore.
People who take alcohol or sedatives before sleep may snore because the tissues in the throat and mouth relax more. Some people who snore may have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder . to interrupted breathing during sleep.​

Snoring Can Be a Red Flag
While snoring itself does not cause a health condition, people who snore also often have other risk factors. Snoring has been associated with an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Pregnant women may begin snoring for the first time in the second trimester. This occurrence may indicate a rise in blood pressure, which is dangerous during pregnancy. Pregnant women who begin snoring should have their blood pressure checked.

Ten to 15 percent of children snore due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Snoring in children has been linked to lower intelligence scores and increased behavioral problems. If a child snores two to three times a week, he should be checked . a physician.

Stopping Snoring
Snoring can be treated through a combination of lifestyle changes and devices including:

Losing weight
Avoiding smoking
Sleeping on your side
Elevating your head during sleep
Treating congestion
Using a mouthpiece prescribed . a dentist
Do-it-Yourself Snoring Cures
Numerous products are available to help you stop snoring as well as a host of home remedies.
Most of these are harmless and may even help a little:

Nose Strips: Supposedly you put these on your nose, and they help keep your nostrils open all night long. This seems like a sound approach and can help with congestion-. snoring. If the snoring is caused . sleep apnea, being overweight or another reason, these probably won’t help much.
Snoring Sprays: There are over-the-counter sprays you can buy to make you stop snoring. This seems to be a stretch.
Nose Drops and Snoring Gum: Not a lot of evidence that these are doing much except costing you money.
Mouthpieces: Unless designed . a dentist for your mouth, these devices are unlikely to help.
Anti-Snoring Pills: Wouldn’t it be great if a pill could make you stop snoring? The . team at these companies thought so too.
Air Filters: Changing the air in your bedroom could help if your snoring is caused . congestion from allergies in the air.
Mouth Exercises: Mouth exercises to open your throat and unclench the jaw may help some snorers. Australians suggest learning to . the didgeridoo.
Shaking: There is a belief that shaking a person every time they snore will ‘teach’ them not to snore. While shaking a person may cause his or her snoring to stop temporarily, this technique does not address the underlying cause of snoring.

If you want to stop snoring, try changes in lifestyle first, especially weight loss.

.: Verywell

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