Despite it was a long holiday, it still seems it was too short, though we as media work round the clock. You can’t imagine the distraction working from home during holidays causes but atleast you will be relieved from sitting on one spot the whole day and checking your wrist watch to catch up with time and work. As it is of utmost importance to bring you aso ebi styles that were ruling during the holidays and for sure aso ebi styles reigned during the muslim festival as many ladies were spotted in many events with one aso ebi style or the other.

The festival was huge and most of our muslim sisters wore aso ebi styles to visit some of their relatives while others were spotted in one occasion or the other. The aso ebi styles that reigned during the holiday were so unique and irresistible that you can’t take your eyes away, so we have many of them and will want you to take a look at some of the aso ebi styles that were so charming during the holiday;



This aso ebi styles are unique and designed to perfection, the styles can be made with any fabric of your choice so you don’t need to limit yourself because you can only afford the ankara fabric and not lace as all the styles here are designed with lace, it can also be designed with ankara fabric.

What is your opinion on this styles? Share your thoughts and opinion with us below.

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