If you follow up on our articles you would realize we’ve talked extensively on fashion myths and fashion rules that were made to be broken. But in this modern times of free will there are still somethings that can’t be shaken and this are what we term as fashion protocol/etiquette, don’t be deceived by this word they don’t just apply to the do’s and don’ts but they throw light on the creative aspect of the modern fashion.

There is the idea that no matter what occasion you show up for you should be dressed, its not just a show of how well your fashion sense is rather its also a show of good manners and appreciation for whatever occasion it is; whether its a barbecue party at your neighbors or a cocktail dinner or a dinner date with your pals or just an ordinary day at the office its a matter of protocol/etiquette/good manners to show up well dressed to suit the occasion.

Therefore this are the few do’s and don’ts every woman should follow:

  • Do/ Wear chic flats.
  • Don’t/ Wear clothes that don’t fit or suit you well.
  • Do/ . with different silhouettes.
  • Don’t/ Wear heels you can’t walk in. (A very important tip to save you from harm).
  • Do/ Invest in nice basics.
  • Don’t/ Feel limited to wearing only nice basics (Branch out).
  • Don’t/ Over accessorize.
  • Do/ Add a third piece to your outfit.
  • Do/ Have a fall back uniform when there’s no time
  • Don’t/ Feel like you have to wear or look the same everyday.

Here are some lovely looks to guide you:

The right fit


Proper use of Accessories

The Dos and Don’ts Of Modern Fashion

Walkable Heels

The Dos and Don’ts Of Modern Fashion

Fashionable Flats

The Dos and Don’ts Of Modern Fashion

Good Basics

The Dos and Don’ts Of Modern Fashion

Well I think there are quite a lot of good rules in here, tell us which one is more important in modern fashion.



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