The Easiest, Fast-Drying Braid Out Ever! | Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


You don’t need 1000 products to get the natural hairstyle you want. Open to see how to get a braid out with only 2 products! PRODUCTS USED: Natural hair pik: …


  1. This is my favorite video. The one video I looked at and said I am taking off my wigs and wearing my natural hair. It was easy and uncomplicated. My coworkers were like you wore wigs with all that hair. I bought a pick after watching this and my natural hair has been poppin for over a year!!

  2. I can't wait until all or my hair natural. I have about 1.5inches that are damaged from getting my hair pressed. I know I need to cut it, but I need the length for styles I like. I cut it with scissors each by about 1 or 2 centimeters. I love braid outs but they take so long to style.


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