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There are way too many guidelines on how to wear something as simple as stripes. One need not bother so much about these guidelines. The only question you should be asking yourself is whether you like how a specific pattern looks on you or not. It is possible you have never given horizontal stripes a fair chance in your life. Well, there are lots of fashion bloggers and celebs who have made it their mission to break fashion rules and look awesome doing so. In this manner, you should approve of prints if you see them often on the runway, whether they are vertical, diagonal, thick, thin, or a combination of them all. No matter the guidelines involved in wearing stripes, you have not nailed them rightly if you have not worn them the ways only a genius would do. Here are the genius ways to wear stripes at work;Opt for a striped black and white culottes paired with a white cropped top and a black strap sandals.

str4 striped black and white culottes paired with a white cropped top and a black strap sandals.

Crop top

Style your striped pencil skirt with layers of shirt and sleeveless peplum top, bag and pumps.

str1 skirt

Peplum top

Rock your striped tee with a camel trench coat, coated moto jeans and pumps.

stri3 Camel Trench Coat + Striped Tee + Coated Moto Jeans

Trench coat

Slay in this horizontal striped dress with bag and floral pumps.

str5 kate spade, stripes, stripe dress, floral, floral print, floral shoes

Stripe dress

Your nautical striped pants would go well with a simple shirt, stiletto heels and purse.



Look daring in this turtle neck striped top paired with a coat, pants, hat, bag and shoes.

str6 Camel....Stripes

Turtle neck

Only a genius wears stripes in cute ways at work!

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