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The Make-Up Artist Did Nonsense On My FaceZUMI

Wedding Stories is an ongoing series where ZUMI readers share their most interesting wedding experiences.
I hope that through my story in the wedding stories series, make-up artists will know to not come and put sand sand in the garri of those of us that need our on-point face beat to find husbands.

So, a friend of my friend was getting married, and by extension, I became part of the train, which wasn’t a problem in any way. I like parties, so I was down for it.

wedding stories

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The day before the wedding, the bride told us a professional make-up artist would be assigned to just the bridesmaids so we didn’t have to worry about looking peng for the wedding. My excitement doubled.

The wedding day came and I waited patiently for my turn because the girl was taking her time with everyone else. When it was time, I submitted my face.

Then she was done and I was just confused. Like “…errrr, what’s going on, please? Are you done?” The brows were as long as third mainland bridge and the highlighter was like someone emptied a can of groundnut oil on my face.

wedding stories

(Photo: Giphy)

I was still trying to get myself together because it was already time for church, only for the aunty to tell us that her money was #3, 500 each. Wait, what?!

I took a deep breath, paid her, the other bridesmaids did too and we left for church. We had to take some pictures before the service, so I’ll forever be looking like an mgbeke in the bride’s wedding pictures. As soon as we entered the church, we all jejely wiped the make-up off our faces.

That’s not all oh! The make-up artist had the guts to come later and offer us her complimentary card. The nerve! Like how didn’t she see that we all had bare faces? I just looked away. Mtchew. On top of this trauma, bridesmaids didn’t even get food. I just can’t!

wedding stories

(Photo: Giphy)

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