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\’The Police Slapped Me With Their Handcuff\’

\’The Police Slapped Me With Their Handcuff\’ – Crying Funny Face Finally Reacts To His Arrest (VIDEO)

Funny Face has finally reacted to his viral video that sees his arrest and mishandled by the Ghana Police.

Narrating the ordeal, Funny Face noted that he was arrested by the Ghana police and he slept behind bars from Monday to Tuesday.

He then noted that the Ghana Police mishandled him when they came to arrest him on the highway on his way to buy drugs from the pharmacy.


“They arrested me on the Millennium City highway. I was going to buy medicine… the moment I got down, the police car crossed me.

The way they beat me on Monday, they used their handcuff to slap me on several occasions. What did I do wrong?


I have been crying since and still fighting for my children.

I am positive because Nelson Mandela slept in prison. Ghana police treated me very wrong….”


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