Whether a man prefers boxer shorts, Y fronts, or jockey style trunks, a survey carried out with 2,000 men has revealed some interesting things that include the unpalatable fact that some men wear them for a whole week before getting them washed!

With the undergarment costing a small amount from the average wage packet, why is it that over half the men questioned had holes in their underpants and that the average age of them is over four years old, but 10% of men said they had underwear that was ten years old, hardly surprisingly they had holes in the garments

When the study took place it was not all as bad as it seemed as it was found that 78% of men had the garment washed after each day of wearing, but not all, as 10% confessed to a whole week of wear before committing them to the washing machine. We all know that men can be parsimonious and four years wear out of a pair of underpants  can mean that they are still in first class condition, depends upon the quality though. But we can reveal that the average man has around thirteen pairs in his collection and spends an average of £20.75 a year on them, buying new ones every six months or so.

With the state of the nation’s male underpants, it should come as no surprise that smelly underpants and pants with holes in both fall in the Top 5 biggest turn-offs for girls, alongside bad breath, bad teeth and a lack of manners, take note guys!

So what then is the choice of our male population when it comes to the design of underpants? Well he most likely will opt for something that is comfortable, often this could be the choice made by a girlfriend, but more often than not the first pair he grabs from the drawer in the morning. Another factor could be if he thinks that he is going to be lucky on a hot date, nearly half will put on a special pair for that important night out. How old you are also affects your choice of style, for example in younger years it is the Y front, or possibly briefs. Later it becomes boxer shorts in the 20 to 50 years of age then reverting back to Y fronts.

There are regional differences as you would expect, Scots are most likely to wear a thong, Y fronts for East Anglia, trunks for the East Midlands, in Newcastle they are likely to have a pair of cartoon novelty pants, this group also buy underpants the most frequently, 6% buying every month, perhaps they lose them on the quayside.

So if this has set you thinking, check out the underwear drawer, get your kecks in the washer and splash out on some new ones.

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