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The Software Powering Online Gaming

You may not be aware of this but it takes a team of twelve or more developers the best part of two years to bring an online game from conception to the market. That is an awesome statistic but if you thing about it, whatever game is being developed, that game has to be flawless when it is launched on the site.


Additionally, the game has to be appealing to players; therefore, players expect the games they play online via their phone handsets, pads, laptops or computers – developers have to maintain those high quality standards at all times.

The evolution of online gaming has seen an exponential increase in take up. The demand for ever more complex software to power the back end of such games is driven in part by owners of online gaming sites, but in the main the demand for perfection is driven by the players playing the games.



The power of the software

Few if any players of online games, be they action and adventure, fantasy or role playing games give a second’s thought to the software which powers those games. To them it is merely a flowing landscape, lasers being fired with sound effects, explosions and other visuals.


Before a game is even developed, the site on which it will reside has to have watertight security. Protecting the integrity of their customers as well as protecting the identity and privacy of their customers is paramount to owners.

The online gaming industry is a multibillion dollar worldwide industry, and players on many sites will be paying subscription fees to play their favourite games.


The online betting and casino industry has also benefitted from online game development. Sites such as NetBet casino Nigeria use the same powerful graphics technology which powers online games, the only difference being that the powerful software driving poker and blackjack for example has its roots in online banking.

Site secured


Each individual game is powered by its own dedicated software package. The software must be able to handle millions of calculations each second as multiple players may be playing the same game at the same time at differing entry levels.
In addition, the servers upon which the games reside are powered by the most up to date server hardware connected to the web by superfast fibre connections. Anything less would be detrimental to the graphics and, subsequently, the flow of the game.

Developer savvy


Developers have to be aware of the demands of players as well as the demands of the site owners, and be aware of the seamless demands of the games. Any error in coding is likely to impact on playing numbers after the release of the game.

The moving elements of games are perhaps the most difficult of all the game elements for a developer to create. It is these graphics which are created to make the game as appealing to the player as possible.
All in all, developing online games is daunting and expensive. Owners of sites want to be sure they are getting the very best for their money but, equally, players will want to play a game which is exciting and visually appealing.


Getting all those elements right and working together flawlessly is the end product of the developers’ art, the unsung heroes of the online gaming industry.

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