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The Ultimate Guide To Different Makeup Brushes

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There are a lot of tools that come in handy when you are applying makeup. One of the most important to have in your vanity or makeup bag is a good brush. You shouldn’t just use one brush, though—most makeup gurus agree that you need separate brushes for various aspects of your beauty routine. From detailed tools for your eyes to large brushes to give your complexion an even foundation, makeup brushes are designed for different purposes. Understanding what types of brushes are available and how they should be used will allow you to become a better makeup artist and create stunning looks.

Eye Shadow Brushes

These brushes are meant to apply eyeshadow to the eyes and blend it. Most are small brushes that have soft to medium bristles. They are able to pick up plenty of color or pigment and apply it to specific locations of the eyes, such as the crease versus the lid. You can also use these brushes to move the product around the eye and blend it into each area to get the desired look.

Lip Brushes

These brushes are made to apply lip color, liner, or gloss to the lips. The brushes are typically small and flat. They have dense bristles that are heavy enough to hold up to thicker lip products. Not only do these brushes pick up the lip color, but they also spread the lip color evenly across the lips. Using a brush to apply lip gloss can avoid smudging color that has already been applied. Lip brushes are a lot more precise than simply using the lipstick itself and offer you more control over the application of the product.

Liner Brushes

These brushes are thin and usually have an angle or point. This makes it easy to draw thin lines on the lips and eyes. They pick up a small amount of product at the edge point of the brush and allow for accurate placement and easy lining on small areas. Lip and eyeliner brushes come in a variety of sizes and are even available in sets. The different sizes allow for distinctive looks, from subtle to bold.

Concealer Brushes

These brushes are a must-have for any makeup artist and come in a variety of sizes. They have rounded edges that make it easy to pick up the concealer and add it directly to small spots. They allow you to put the concealer on blemishes or scars, making it possible to build up products in a small area without smudging any product that has already been applied. Using a makeup brush instead of your finger prevents bacteria from contacting your skin. Anytime you apply a product to your face, you want to make sure it is not irritating or contaminated, especially when you’re applying it to problem areas. If you are prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin, be sure to invest in a good concealer brush!

Blush Brushes

Blush brushes are typically large and soft. They are meant to pick up powder and lightly dust it onto the skin. Since blush is applied to the cheeks, these brushes are large enough to cover those areas with just a few swipes. Some blush brushes are also angled slightly so you can apply the blush under the cheekbones or into the apples of the cheeks easily and get a more contoured look.

Blending Brushes

Blending brushes are designed to remove harsh lines from various areas of the face. You can find different sizes of blending brushes that are intended for different areas. Smaller blending brushes are made to be used on and around the eyes. Larger blending brushes can be used to blend concealer and both liquid and pressed powders around the forehead, chin, and cheeks to create a smooth and natural look.

Angled Brushes

Angled brushes are made for precision and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These brushes make it easy to get the makeup exactly where you want it. They make it possible to build makeup and create shadows while also getting full coverage. You can find angled brushes made to apply eyeshadow and angled brushes that apply lip color and blush. Some people also like to use angled brushes for contouring.

Contour Brushes

Contouring allows you to change the shape of your face and bring out your best features. It makes it possible to bring certain features to the front and make others less apparent using different colors of concealer, bronzer, blush, and powder. Contour brushes are typically angled and come in all sizes. Some are very small and precise to allow you to apply makeup to tight areas of the face such as the sides of the nose or the edges of the hairline. Others are meant to provide shading in larger areas and make your favorite features more prominent.

If you love doing your makeup and are looking for the right brushes to help you get the looks you want, you will need the right brushes. You can find brushes that are made of high-quality materials as well as brushes that are cruelty-free and vegan. You can choose to buy individual brushes or find brush sets that include a variety of different types of brushes that you may need to create your favorite looks.


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