There’s A Lot Of Prices To Pay For Success

Popular Nollywood actress Who recently lost her mother, Iyabo Ojo has taken to Instagram to talk about the painful long road that leads to success. The actress in a recent said for anyone to achieve there’s a lot of prices one has pay.  Iyabo Ojo

The beautiful thespian who is a mother of two wrote on her page that for anyone to achieve success one would have to acquire knowledge, discover oneself, take risks, have great determination, humility and must put in the hard work.

The actress went further to enumerate other things like one associating with the right people, connection and ability to build a brand all wrapped up in humility and never being afraid to start all over again are all the necessary ingredients to achieve success so said the Tik Tok Queen.

In her words;

There’s a lot of prices to pay for success, acquiring more knowledge, discovering oneself, focusing on your goals, taking risks, having great determination, humility, hard work, paying attention to critics, bold steps, creating content, never giving up, connecting and associating with the right people, building your brand, developing yourself, never afraid to start all over, researching & moving with time, it’s a lot of energy but it’s worth it @ the end.

See Iyabo Ojo’s post below;

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Photo Credit: Iyabo Ojo/Instagram



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