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These 4 Endorsed Relationship Myths Are Ruining It For You



Did you know science believes that two people who are in love are bound to fall out of love? Yes, that’s true. The world is full of ‘happily ever after’ love stories, but a new research shows that love fades away, no matter how old and strong is the relationship. Love doesn’t last forever. > are other bubbles about love which needed busting for you

1. You Can’t Sustain The “Honeymoon” Period Of Relationships


The truth is, you can. A study shows that some relationships never lose the initial “spark” that is found in the early phase of love. Though the anxiety and obsessive thoughts about each other goes down with time. You still can dare to have great expectations from your partner.

2. Being Jealous Shows How Much You Care


Wrong! You might think that a little bit of jealousy is good for your relationship, but that’s not true. The fear fabricated ideas will ruin your relationship someday. You will land into unnecessary fights. Being jealous will make you control your partner, and controlling is not love.

3. Fights About Important Stuff Are Not Important


Think about the last time you had a fight. Now try and think, was it really necessary? Silly arguments are not important in a relationship, and they don’t strengthen your relationship at all.

4. All Problems In A Relationship Should Be Solved, Else Your Relationship Is Doomed


Sometimes it’s okay to let things go without being solved. At this age and point, you can’t expect anyone to change. There are times when you have to just drop the issue for the better of it. Some things get better over time without you working too hard on them.

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