Lifestyle habits are mostly responsible for poor dental health.

Dental health should not be left unattended to as a seemingly ‘small’ tooth or gum issue can cause major problems for the entire mouth. Keeping teeth sparkling white, avoiding cavities and ensuring gum stay strong and the overall mouth in top shape helps go a long way for one’s overall health.

Ensuring to care daily for the teeth, gum and mouth . avoiding bits like piercing the tongue or wearing jewelry which can damage the teeth and the gum, avoiding overly sugary foods, smoking and so on.

There are 4 seemingly basic things help keep the teeth, gum and whole mouth in great shape.

1. Brushing twice a day

Brushing for at least a few minutes first thing in the morning and last thing at night before going to bed goes a long way in getting rid of cavities, sugar and helps it stay strong (. brushing the teeth with a flouride toothpaste)

2. Reduce daily intake of sugary foods

Limiting the amount of sugary food intake everyday reduces the tendency to get cavities which are the fastest way the teeth gets decayed. Sugary foods are known to produce acids that erode the gums and slowly damage the teeth. It is why it’s a good idea to brush last thing before going to bed everyday.

3. Dental Examination

It’s a good idea to always visit a dentist every six month at the very least for professional oral examination where they can recommend cleaning, polishing and so on that keeps dental health in great shape.

4. Flossing

In addition to the above its also a good idea to floss regularly to get rid of trapped foods that can build up to cause tooth decay.

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