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These 7 Things Aren’t Love



Love is an enigma and even the greatest poets failed to put this great feeling in words. Yes, none of us can really define what love is. In fact, we are all comfortable with our own definitions or opinions about love.

So, let us not get into that herculean task of trying to define love in the most accurate way. But still we can explore what it takes to make a relationship last longer. Most of us have seen some passionate and intimate relationships failing. And in other cases, some seemingly simple relationships without any expectations pass the test of time. How is it possible?

Being Over Passionate: Most of us mistake passion for love. When you are strongly attracted towards someone, you might easily fall into this trap.

Sulking: If your partner sulks once in a while, it is reasonable but if he or she uses it as a manipulative technique then it isn’t love. Sulking in relationships must be handled well.

Emotional Blackmail: This is the worst form of manipulation in relationships. It is better to deal with emotional blackmail in relationships before it turns into an abusive game.

Being Possessive: You might feel great when your partner behaves possessive but soon, you will realise that it isn’t true love. Being possessive in a relationship is a sign of insecurity than love.


Dominating: In true love, there isn’t an urge to dominate the other person. If you or your partner is into domination, then sort it out soon.

Seeking Revenge: True love forgives and forgets. If you have the urge to seek revenge in your relationship, you are not in love at all.

Bitterness: Difference of opinion can be handled with utmost grace if you are in love. If bitterness torments your soul then you are not in love.

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