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These 7 Things Will Make Nigeria A Better Place To LiveZUMI

We are Nigerians. We think about a lot of things every day, but thinking about how to save the earth doesn’t really top our internal checklist.

We might not think environmental sustainability is important, but statistics show that there’s a lot to be worried about. A popular study states that there might be more plastic than fish in the ocean by the year 2050. The validity of this study has been argued from different corners, but it still points out a serious need to fight pollution and take care of the earth.

You might not have the capacity to create your own organization that contributes to saving the earth, but you can . your own part by making small, tiny changes to your lifestyle.

Here’s how you can save the earth in your own way:

Save the earth

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1. Use reusable lunch plates and water bottles

Many countries are planning to ban the use of plastic plates and bottles because they are one of the biggest .s of pollution in our oceans. Another study shows that up to 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Most of these disposables are not recycled, so they only make the current pollution situation worse. Make your contribution to saving the earth by using reusable plates and water bottles.

2. Use energy saving bulbs

Using energy efficient bulbs helps in reducing greenhouse emissions and also helps you save on your PHCN bill. Turning off the light switch as you leave a room helps as well.

3. Wash a full load of laundry

Washing a full load of laundry in the washing machine will take as much energy as when there’s only a T-shirt and socks in the wash. It might sound like it’s going against your home training, but you can save energy and save the earth by allowing your laundry pile up to a full load.

Save the earth

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4. Plant a tree

Trees are extremely beneficial to the environment and help fight climate change, but lots of trees are cut down everyday. If you can, and if you’ve got the space, go on and plant a tree.

5. Shop smart

Do your best to go shopping with reusable bags and not disposables. Disposable nylon bags add to the already crazy pollution situation.

6. Take a walk

Yes, literally take a walk instead of driving when you can. Walking or riding a bike can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that come from cars.

7. Use online banking

Thousands of trees are cut down to make paper every year, and you know how banks use up paper. When more people use online banking, less trees will be cut down, and this would help in eliminating more greenhouse gases.

Save the earth

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