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These Amazing And Fun Sex Positions Are Better Than Doggy – You Should Try Them Tonight



Ladies and gents love doing it doggy style. And though the name leaves a lot to be desired (seriously, who came up with that?), this position offers up lots of benefits so you get the most bang for your, um, bang.

For starters, this is the perfect angle for some G-spot stimulation with easy access for bonus clitoral stimulation. Plus, it’s a super-hot view for both of you (if you face a mirror), and you can pretty much do it anywhere.

Even with all those sexy perks, sometimes you still want to change things up. So try these other positions that are still in the doggy family.

View from the top

How to do it: Have him sit on the edge of a bed or a chair and lower yourself onto his shaft facing away from him.

Why it’s hot: “This position is great for female control,” says sexologist Megan Stubbs, Ed.D. You can use your feet as leverage on the floor to move at the angle and speed that you want. Plus, his hands are free to stimulate your clit or your br**sts.

The snuggy

How to do it: Bend at the waist as he stands behind you and enters you from the rear.

Why it’s hot: This version screams “gotta have you now,” heat-of-the-moment passion, and the angle offers even deeper penetration, says Stubbs. Plus, this is a great one for the shower.

Miss new booty

How to do it: Place your hands on the floor and have him pull your waist so your legs are on either side of his hips.

Why it’s hot: Turn things upside down for a new sensation and view for him. He’s fully supported on the bed, so he can control the movement and help keep you balanced. He’s also hands-free to experiment with a little an*l ., if you’re into that.

Soft serve


How to do it: Get into the spooning position, with him as the big spoon. Bring your knees up slightly and have him enter you from behind.

Why it’s hot: Spooning captures the intimacy of a rear entry position better than classic doggy. You’re closer together with both hands free to touch each other, and it’s the ideal wake-up-and-bang position to start your day off right.

Pop the trunk

How to do it: Lie on your belly with your legs straight behind you and your hips raised. Have him penetrate you from behind.

Why it’s hot: Your legs are close together in this position, making his P feel bigger during penetration. You can also reach under yourself to stimulate your clit with your hands or a s*x toy

Jumpin jumpin

How to do it: Have him sit on a bed or the ground and lower yourself onto his shaft facing away from him.

Why it’s hot: You get the hot factor of doggy with the control that cowgirl allows. Since you’re leading the motions in this one, he can use his hands to stimulate any erogenous parts of your body. Give those bosoms some love, dude.

Start me up

How to do it: Get on all fours on the floor and have him pick you up . your hips to enter you. Wrap your legs around him for stability.

Why it’s hot: If you’re looking to add a little adventure in the bedroom, > you go. This one will require some arm strength on your part, as well as balance for him, so if you’re looking for a combo workout and s*x sesh, this is it.

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